• Cello 22" Solar Power TV C22277CP £ 229.99

    This TV can be operated in remote regions of the world where there is no electricity or aerial installation. Its an all-in-one package that 
    includes the LED TV, portable solar panel and TV aerial in one box. 

    The Cello solar powered TV is an out of the box solution that is simple to operate. The TV is positioned in the house or caravan whilst the solar panel 
    and smart antenna is placed in a suitable location outside. The internal battery can be changed if needed.

    With the CAM/card decryption this TV this is ideal for use in Africa where TV channels are scrambled and in remote areas where there is no electricity.

    Obviously this can be used when camping in a tent in the UK where there is electricity or wild camping in a caravan and you want to conserve your 12 volt leisure battery.

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